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Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing

Amazon has a plethora of innovative advertising alternatives for you to get in front of your most valued audience, from product listing ads to remarketing. Radd Interactive can assist you with optimising your AcOS, increasing sales, and becoming more profitable.

Amazon is an eCommerce giant and if you are a brand that sells products, Amazon could be your ticket to additional sales and profit.

Amazon, like paid media marketing, allows you to target your audience at a granular level, allowing you to reach customers with the highest buy intent. A sophisticated Amazon marketing plan can increase not only sales but also brand visibility and recognition.

Place Your Products in Front of Customers

Starting from $299/month

Amazon provides a variety of ad styles and ways to contact customers. Amazon is a powerhouse for targeting your most essential customers, from product listing ads to complex remarketing.

Sponsored brand Advertisements
Advertisements for sponsored product listings
Product display advertisements
Possibility of bidding on keywords
ASIN selection
Customer list selection
Lifestyle and market segmentation

How we work

Brain Storming

Brainstorming is a technique used by creative teams to generate ideas for solving clearly defined design problems. Teams approach a problem under controlled conditions and in a free-thinking environment.

The Kick-Off

All of our efforts in developing a useful strategy are directed toward your overall digital marketing strategy. As a digital marketing firm, we adhere to a strategy and roadmap that are specifically designed to meet your objectives as a growing business.
If you already have a website, we look at what you want want to change and what areas you want to emphasise and incorporate these into the marketing process.

Optimizing For Success

Optimizing the strategy for optimum output. This is where we fine tune your marketing campaign to get you maximized interactions. Which technically means having more people find you online.

Final Result

A complete report based on the monthly analysis is shared with you. This is where you can keep track of the progress, and that is guaranteed.

Service Include


Yes, pay-per-click does work, but first you must understand what type of website you have, as this is critical to achieving overall good results.


For example, if you run an e-commerce website, PPC has a long-term potential for outstanding outcomes.


You must build the appropriate campaign, extensions, category, ad group, and call to action button for your ad campaign. If you plan your ad campaign well, you will undoubtedly get positive results.

Advertisers do not pay anything to the search engine to ensure that their ads are more frequently shown to viewers than their competitors' ads in order for your ads to appear alongside the search results of the search engine, which is widely known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


Instead, every search engine employs an automated mechanism known as ad auction to choose which relevant advertisements are to be presented to viewers and which ads appear more frequently in the search phases.


Ad auctions are a type of bidding system. Advertisers bid for search phrases that, when triggered or searched in a search engine, display their desired sponsored link. These search keywords are commonly referred to as Keywords.

The cost of pay per click is totally up to you; how much you want to pay for each ad clicked on the publisher's site is entirely dependent on your budget.


Simply begin with a daily budget that you are comfortable with and adjust as needed.


Most businesses begin their advertising with a daily budget of $10.


When you begin an ad campaign, there are no contracts stating that your ad would be shown x number of times at x cost.


It is entirely up to you where and how you want your ad to appear, and you can change, halt, and resume your ad campaign at any moment.

To increase visitors to your website, you should employ pay per click advertising. PPC advertising can have a substantial and beneficial impact on your company and brand. PPC marketing:


- Provide a speedy introduction into the SERPs.


- The outcomes are simple to measure and track.


- Complements other marketing mediums well.


- Provides a variety of important information.

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